Welcomee! I really like the colours of this layout. It's not intense, very nice and flowy, if you know what I mean. It didn't take too long to finish this layout. And if you didn't notice, it features some pretty flowers. =] Don't you like it? Hehe. The title "Inflorescence" means flower cluster, which there aren't any. I chose it because it sounds nice, lol. The content box is supposed to be aligned to the left. I wanted the layout to look a bit different. The navigation is at the right, and please do not remove the credits section. Also, I'm sorry that I only made one extra. I didn't feel like making any.=P If you use this layout you MUST link back to Bubbleys.NET, otherwise you cannot use this layout. Please do not modify the images or the coding. However, you are allowed to change the colours around, but that does not mean this layout is yours. Please enjoy!